Thursday, November 1, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox

I am so thankful I got chosen to get the 
Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox. 

How fun is this Box?!
Items included are:

  1. Eboost 1 packet
  2. Not your Mothers Smooth Moves Frizz control Hair Cream
  3. Bath and Body Works mini candle in Mahogany Teakwood
  4. Kiss ever pro lashes
  5. Goody spin Pin
  6. NYC IndividualEyes in Dark Shadows
Need a little pick me up just throw this citrus orange mix in your water. Especially if you are like me and don't care to drink just water this helps you with consuming the water you need in a day. 
Not Your Mothers Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream
The scent is tropical coconut. Brings me back to Summer in the now chilly months. The texture is a little thick and a bit sticky when the residue dries on your hands, but it does the job of maintaining the Frizz to a minimum. My hair actually gets more fly aways in the cooler months, so this is a plus for me to use over the next couple of months. 

Bath and Body Works mini candle in Mahogany Teakwood
No joke this candle smells exactly like my Fiance's cologne. I know that may be weird for a candle, but it makes me feel comfortable and safe. I love it and will keep this one in my room :) cause your room should always smell like "home", "safe" & "comfort". Love this!

Kiss Everpro Lashes
These lashes are POW! In your face Lashes! The band is pretty thick. I guess it has to be to hold all those lashes. If you are looking to have that sexy and dramatic look for a special occasion then you may like these. The lash holder and glue worked very well too. I couldn't use these for an everyday look. 

Goody Spin Pin
Ok so I have seen these in the store for quite some time and have been really curious to know if it would really work. YEA for me since I now got to try it thanks to Influenster! This pin really does work!!! I put my hair in a pony tail then rolled it up and used the spin pin  and wahlah! Bun in place and tight too! for me only one spin pin was needed, but you may possible need two if you have thick hair which is fine cause two come in a box. I also used it at the gym and thru doing Burpees it stayed, but during my jump rope (double unders) it did come loose, but that is a heck of a lot of jumping and I am a hard jumper when it comes to double unders! SOOO WORTH IT!
I did adjust the setting in the photo so you could see the bun and you can barely see the spin pin. Actually in this photo there is no pony tail with it. It is just the spin pin alone.

NYC IndividualEyes in Dark Shadows
These shadows are very very pigmented when using the primer included in the palette. Without it is still pigmented, but not as bold. The primer is a beige almost skin tones primer. The highlighter is very shimmery and almost a champaign like color. Be on the look out for a blog post on these shadows

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