Friday, June 15, 2012

BirchBox June 2012 "Jet Set"

EXCITING update at end of post!!!
This month was everything to do with travel! That's fantastic since I will be traveling in a few days!
I really enjoyed my products although I saw other boxes that had some pretty amazing things in it!

The first item in the box is from CLEAN WELL - Individual Hand Sanitizing wipes. As I said before I will be leaving in a few to enjoy a nice vacation and this will go right in the backpack to carry with me to the different places and Theme Parks we plan on going to. Really great! It has natural thyme oil to help clean and soften hands!

Next up is from 
SCALISI SKINCARE - Anti-Aging Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF30
Okay I know this was soo put in my box since my age is getting up there and am at the special "preventable years" when it comes to skin care and wrinkles. For that reason I am ok with it since this product is going to "trigger collagen production and reverse wrinkles" Who doesn't want to get rid of wrinkle or prevent them. I DO I DO!! The smell reminds me of a combination of baby lotion and sunscreen. Well it does have SPF30. That is a must these days and now that summer is here and the days have been more than steamy! 

Next up is from 
APOTHEDERM - stretch mark cream
Hey how do they know I have stretch marks? Just kidding. I have looked this up and have heard fantastic reviews about this. I am going to try but on what stretch marks? LOL no I have a few here and there. The scent is very light and fresh. Quite calming and pleasant. 

My make-up item was from 
the BALM cosmetics - Staniac in Beauty Queen
I was a little intimidated by this lip and cheek stain cause it was so bright bloody red, but as you can see in the following photos the color is easily blended. You can even blend it out much more tha I did in the photo if you which. It really does give your cheeks a just pinched look to your cheeks. I LOVE this!! This product is so worth it! I absolutely want to get a full sized one. Speaking of full size it is $17 for one Full size Stainiac. 

We also got a BirchBox man Extra. 
JOHN VARVATOS cologne - in Star USA
Perfect since it is Fathers day this weekend and my hubby is always saying what did you get and now I can share something with him! This has in my opinion the typical "man" scent. I like it and it is similar to scents he tends to like and wear often. Aww Something for my sweetie! It's a "LIKE"

Last thing in the box is a lifestyle Extra. I thought this was so fun! these Band-Aids are super fun! such cute styles and guess what the boys in this house won't use them!! Just for me!! Ha Ha that is something they will leave alone. I opened one just to try out and see the design. Thanks Band-Aid I can have a Band-Aid that is a bit stylish just for me. 

Over all I enjoyed my BirchBox this month! It was quirky and fun!
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Next month they are doing a collab with Glamour magazine!!!
brands include Stila, Color Club, Alterna and Oscar de la Renta. The theme next month will be Glamour's Five Senses of Summer!! Ahhhh so excited!!
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