Saturday, April 28, 2012

Have you heard of SWAGGABLE?
If you want to try out new products for free you can join swaggable. complete your profile and check out the products tab. There you can click on "Want" if you would like to try and sample a product. When it is available they will try to get it to you. You obviously will not be guaranteed to get it, but they at least know you want it. I just received my 1st product from Swaggable. It came with 2 packs of the Organic green tea blend from NUMI Organic Tea. A bonus is the great coupon on the back for $1.50 off any NUMI tea.
So funny the other day I was saying I felt so run down and whalla an energizing Green tea appears. This tea was discussed on Dr.Oz for one of the best teas for weight loss is PU ERH tea (will shrink fat cells) it is a fermented tea. This is NUMI's version that I get to try. 
The cost of a 16ct. box is about $8.99
They have them on sale on their website for $5.94 
check out Numi's site HERE or their FB page HERE

They have a 2week challenge going on on their FB page.  Check them out and see if you want to take the challenge

This is another great way to try out something new and share your honest opinions about a product to help others learn about something new. 
This is my 1st Product Review for Swaggable. I notice that their items are very different from other sites. It is refreshing to learn and try new things I have never heard of. 
I thought this tea was really good. Usually you must (we I must) add sweetener/sugar to my hot tea cause it is usually too bitter. This tea you can drink it without sweetener/sugar it is very mellow and smooth. I am sot going to say it tastes like it has sugar, but it is just not bitter. The mint flavor was not too minty it was perfect.
PU ERH (pronounced poo air) 
funny I know, but true