Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BirchBox April 2012

Forgot to put in the perfume in the pic. Wonderstruck from Taylor Swift, see below

Next is the perfume sample from Taylor Swift in WONDERSTRUCK. This scent is very a very sweet and fruity scent. I think it reminds me of a youthful scent. I like it and for some reason it brings back some sort of happy feelings. I still cannot pinpoint what happy time in my life it was, but it is from my younger days when living at home with my parents. 

The next item is a lip balm from alima pure nourishing lipbalm (0.07oz) $7. (full size in box) This has a nice pale pink very slight shimmer. When applied it has a tinge of a tingle to your lips and is so creamy and smooth. It has a strange smell, but it doesn't linger. Very NICE! I actually have been carrying it at work in my scrubs so I can reapply it frequently when I need it. 
Next item on the list: from Jurlique a moisture replenishing day cream 0.5oz. A full size 50ml of is $40. The name does throw me off a bit (replenishing day cream) makes me think you should re-apply throughout the day, but no, not the case. This moisturizer is not thick, but has a strange consistency when you use it. It tends to say slick or greasy and I think it would be better to use in the winter or at night. There is a strong almost floral scent with this which kind of makes me not want to use it too much. It kind of reminds me of some kind of cream my mom use while growing up. A body lotion or something I cannot pin point it. It has been a while since applying it and my fingers are still slick from using them to apply to my face. It is a bit bothersome. Maybe it will be good for your elbows...

This is a fantastic product. For some reason anything that comes in these little tins tend to be amazing to use. Sample sent was a 0.25oz tin. A full size 2.1oz is $7.99 This is great to rub n your hands, cuticles, elbows anywhere you feel extra dry. This salve it definitely a multi-use item. The scent is nice and fresh. I love this one! LOTS and LOTS!

Last is the dropps laundry detergent. Sample scent was 2 drops approx $3.33. Full size is 20 dropps for $6. Not a bad price at all. The scent is so nice. it is fresh and I like a lot. I have not used it yet, cause I want to take this with me in vacation since it is in a nice convenient package. That way I do not need to purchase detergent when I get there. Save me some space and money!! 
I really liked my BirchBox. Thanks!!