Friday, March 16, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress Review Update

I received the Kiss Nail Dress from in my Love VoxBox to test out and review.
I really liked the design!! It was a leopard print and really fun.
First let me give you a bit of information on them.
They are last up to 10 days and are easily removable without polish remover. There are so many fun designs on them and would definitely recommend them for the fun prints. They are a sticker like product. There are 18 different designs From wild to flirty. I can't get over how pretty they look. You may never think of using such wild prints, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised on the outcome. 

Directions for use:
simply file nails and wipe with polish remover before application.

 How to apply:

  1. Select your size
  2. Peel and stick. 
Just be sure if you are applying to your fingers that the rounded side is near your cuticle and if you are doing your toes the flat side is near your cuticles.

      2.   Fold over the excess and file off edges. Or you can cut the tips and then file.

The best part is 
1. There is no dry time and if you apply them and make a mistake there are 28 in a pack so there are extras for us that need practice. If you are a perfect applier you can use the extra for matching toes. 
2. If you wear a really fun print no one can tell you have application issues like wrinkles in them. 
3. They don't dry out so you can save the extras for next time or reapply if one starts to come off.

You can purchase these from any drugstore or mass retail stores. They are very affordable and costs approx $6.99. Check out Kiss Nail Dress site HERE for details and colors/prints available. 
Check out Influenster HERE to join and qualify for future VoxBoxes.

As you can see below I did have application problems and I noticed them, but everyone else that saw them loved them and did not notice the minor issues of my application as I did. 
Although I did make some application mistakes and my nails were not perfect no one could tell the difference. I got nothing but compliments on them from the moment I went out and people saw them. I did end up removing them this morning and only because one had come off, but I was using glue remover to remove stickers from a mirror yesterday and I was also doing some heavy duty gardening, like building my garden (framing) and planting my entire veggie garden and it only made a little tear in one Kiss Nail Dress. All the others were fine. There is also somehing to be said about being able to remove the prints from your fingers in one peel too. It is just a weird satisfaction. I always wanted to do that. It did not damage my nail in any way either!!!! These are definitely worth trying. Just wait till you get a response. So much fun to wear. I just need a little more practice and that is soon to happen on my next purchase at the drug store.  I can't wait to try the other prints!