Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday 2/2/12

I usually have this on my crossfit blog, but there are some who do not follow and I wanted to share an entry here. If you want to see more entries you can follow my crossfit blog.
So yesterday was burpee hell and to day was Kettle bell hell.
Warm up:
  1. of course run a lap
  2. high knees
  3. but kickers
  4. soldier kicks/walks (i forget names)
  5. more high knees
  6. High jumps
  7. more butt kickers
  8. maybe more, but I can't remember
  9. stretches with pvc

3 rounds of 
  1. 6 goblet squats (1.5/1) these are squats holding Kettle bells
  2. 6 snatch
  3. 6 TGU Turkish get ups??? this is a killer! You hold the weight over your hear with one arm and go down to the floor and lay on your back while holding it up in the air and get back up with each arm. I almost dropped on the left side. My poor face
  4. 6 KB swings 
  5. 6 SDHP Sumo deadlift high pull
  6. 3 burpees
  7. 3 rounds
Everytime I pulled the weight up it hit my arms/wrists. Just a little reminder that weights are no joke. Some little bruises from them hitting my wrists on the way up over my head. 

 old pic, but this is how the
weight hit my wrists.
Man look how big
my arms were.

My time 10 min 4 sec.
Chow chow for now