Monday, February 13, 2012

75% off Milani @ CVS Finally I get to try it!

What a great deal!! I have been wanting to try out these Milani Runway Eyes since I saw them in my drug stores. I just thought it was a bit pricey for me. I know that sounds strange since I just spent nearly $20 in one shot, but it was a fantastic deal!!!! I also needed to pick something up for a future giveaway I will be having and sharing Milani products seemed like just the perfect item to Giveaway. I think I may pick up some polishes too. I recently tried the pink glitter (hot pink) and it is AWESOME too!!!! Layering it up and it is the perfect shimmer/shine! Everyone kept asking where did you get that polish?
I picked everything up at my local CVS, but you can check out and get some too if they are not available in your area.
9 Items for $19.12 plus tax

-2 Eyeshadow Runway Eyes in 08 Catwalk. One will be for a giveaway coming soon.

- 1 Eyeshadow Runway Eyes in 08 Fashionista Pinks

-1 Eyeshadow Runway eyes in 05 Glamorous Gems

-2 Powder Bronzer in 01 Light one will be for the Giveaway too.

- 2 concealers in Medium Honey.

- 1 Infinite Liquify Eye Liner in #03 Eternal
These were all 75% off. I didn't find them all at one time.
Break down:
4 Milani Runway Pallets for $2.32 each = $9.28 (saving of $6.97 ea. = $27.88)
2 Milani Pwd Bronzer in Light for $1.69 each = $3.38 (savings of $5.10 ea. = $10.20)
2 Milani HD Concealer in Medium Honey for $2.32 = $4.64 (savings of $6.97 ea = $13.94)
1 Milani Infinite Liquid eye Liner in Eternal for = $1.82 (savings of $5.47)
Total Spent $19.12     Total SAVINGS of $57.49