Friday, December 9, 2011

Beauty boxes and bag subscriptions

I have 3 pending deliveries coming in the mail  
Holiday VoxBox, Glam Bag and BirchBox
  • 1st is from a new company This is from You Tube Guru Michelle Phan. This is a monthly subscription of $10 a month and you get deluxe and full sized beauty products. What's different about this and birch box is that you can get help and inspired looks from stylists with the items received in your Glam Bag. Not to mention they are going to have full sized products in it as well. They also tell you what is in the months Glam Bag before you even get it, which makes you so excited to open your package when you receive it. So I am here tapping my nails waiting for the 1st Glam Bag to come in and share with everyone. By the way shipping is FREE too.
  • 2nd is from  This is a $10 monthly subscription beauty box. You get 4-5 deluxe samples from great companies. Stila, Aveda, Nars, Redken, perfumes, etc. Sometimes you get some random items too, but it is a surprise every month. It's Like Christmas once a month. So I cannot wait for this month's Box. And by the way the box is so cute too. So try to recycle it and save on waste. Shipping is FREE here too. 
  • 3rd from is my 1st VoxBox. It's actually going to be the Holiday VoxBox. This is completely for free. You can get anything from beauty, health grooming, snack, beverage and more. Just complete badges and when they have one that fits you, you will receive it in the mail. So keep up with it and make sure you complete as much as possible. I joined on Nov. 2nd 2011 and I was invited to get the Holiday VoxBox on Novemeber 26th. Sharing the info is the best way to get invited to these types of things also. So don't forget to share on FB, Tweet and you tube it if you do that! Yep FREE shipping here too.
So whats coming in the Holiday VoxBox? A-Little-Fun-this-Season-Holiday-VoxBox
  • Some type of  "eye-catching nails" nail strips I believe
  • a "face mask" 
  • a "liquid lipshine" something that I think can last from the hints they give 
  • "Flavorful fruits and spices" this one I don't know what it is. A snack, fruit chews? who knows, but I can't wait to find out.
  • a "zesty fresh breath freshener"
  • last a "coconut soap". I love the scent of coconut. 
  • I also hear some may get an extra something if they qualify for it.
Chow chow for now  until I get my mail