Sunday, November 8, 2015

Top Race® 3.5 Channel Bubble Blowing RC Shark Fish Helicopter

Top Race® 3.5 Channel Bubble Blowing RC Shark Fish Helicopter

This is a very cool toy. It comes with everything you need to have it work. You will get your bubble shark helicopter, the remote, bubbles with and adapter, replacements blades and the charger. It does blow a ton of bubbles, but it is a bit messy to get the bubbles in the shark helicopter. To fly it, well lets just say you need some patience to work with this as with all remote helicopters. No one in my house hold are experienced Fliers so it was hard to fly it around. The knobs send this copter everywhere in a tiny twitch. Using this in a larger area helps from crashing it into things too quickly. There are replacement blades which is a great thing since I am pretty sure the blades will be broken soon at the rate we are going, however it is fun to try. Good thing is that the grass is soft and saves us from demolishing the copter. My son has gotten better at flying it and can manipulate it so so. Remember it is a toy,i f it was a lot more expensive I would have expected more, but at this price point it is a great starter. The best part I would have to say is the bubble effect. There a ton of bubbles, but you will have to refill quickly. You can recharge this with the provided charging cable. 

Shark Helicopter and replacement blades

Remote, batteries not included

Charging cord, bubbles and bubble transfer bottle

Bubble spout

Charging port

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