Monday, May 4, 2015

Dark Aviator style Sunglasses

SWG EYEWEAR Aviator Sunglasses - Limited Edition

This is a very dark and beautiful looking pair of aviator sun glasses. The Frame is a matte Black and with the dark Smokey lens, it is just beautiful in my opinion. They fit well and do not slide off of my nose as some others do. They are not flimsy and come with two cases. 

One is a soft cloth case which fits inside of a firmer zippered case that has a clip that can hang on you belt loop or inside of your purse. The glasses are sleek looking and all in black. I am loving the look and feel of these glasses. 

I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for aviator styled sunglasses and with a very dark tint. These are very affordable and I think you will love them! I Personally love them!

I purchased this at a discount, however it does not effect my thoughts or opinions.

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