Friday, March 6, 2015

#DisneySide Princess Party

Have you heard of showing your #DisneySide?
This is an amazing thing that we can all do everyday. You can also get a chance to share your #DisneySide with Friends and family too!
#DisneySide is just showing how you love Disney and how you incorporate it in your daily life. You can share by the simple love of Disney to wearing something Disney related or making treats with Disney themes or just an unlimited amount of ways to share!

I was able to participate in this year's DisneySide Party once again. I was so so excited!

Here is my #DisneySide Unboxing

Here are a few pics as well of everything unboxed!

This was such an amazing party pack from #DisneySide
We baked the Duff Tie-Die Mickey Cake and that was definitely the star! The flavor was so amazing. In our part of town  Public is the best cakes around. In my opinion and everyone else that was there at the party. This cake beat the soft texture and flavor by far! Hmm so sad, but so happy I can bake an amazing soft and delicious fun cake at home. The cupcakes were from another boxed cake mix and I have to be honest... not so yummy, but SUPER CUTE!

 The Goodie bags were full of fun!The girls got to choose their lip glosses and nail polishes to take home and use. 

BINGO brought out even the boys to the Princess Party!

BINGO was a hit and everyone won a prize!

They made bracelets and sang Karaoke where of course Frozen was the start. I loved to seeing their creative sides!

the 3 who put it together

Special thanks goes out to Disney and their associated sponsors, All, Wisk, Beyond Meat

Disclosure: I received free products to host a Disney Side @ Home Celebration via Disney Parks and MomSelect. The opinions expressed here are my own.