Friday, February 6, 2015

Seeds Of Change?? A must try

Alright so I have never tried anything from Seeds of Change. I have seen it in passing in the store, but never picked it up. I had the opportunity to try it out courtesy of Smiley360
I am so happy I did! I had no idea it was so awesome. I got 2 varieties of the quick and easy heat and serve pouches.

 I really enjoyed the texture and flavor of the dishes. They have just enough seasoning. I used the Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic as a base to my Dinner with Chicken stir fry and veggies.

I was delicious and I always eat Quinoa vs rice in my meals. To me is is a great alternative to eating white rice. A lot healthier and a lot more fiber which is what many people are missing in their diets. I can say the next day left overs were just as amazing.

I can say I will no longer have to worry what Seeds Of Change is or tastes like. I will now go and pass by and want to try all the varieties! 

There are also sauces and this is the next thing I want to get are the sauces!

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