Sunday, December 21, 2014

Treat a dog monthly subscription service

Treat a dog monthly subscription service!

Treat A dog is a monthly box of dog goodies delivered to your doorstep. Each monthly box includes hand picked items that have been carefully sourced by the Treat A Dog team. Your monthly box will include dog treats, hygiene products, toys, care items, essentials and more from the best brands in North America. Made in the USA. 

This box had so many amazing products and my dog loved every single product, toy and treat in the box! 

 These cleansing wipes are perfect for a quick clean, especially when we have those unexpected visitors that pop over. The scent is pleasant and my little old man doesn't get bothered by it. He actually enjoys it and makes him sun around like a silly dog just like he took a bath.

 This long ear tuggie was fun while it lasted. He enjoyed every minute of it until he ripped all of the fluff out and tore the ears off. Regardless he loved mauling it to pieces. Ha ha

These little, well big burgers for him were his favorite item in the box! It lasted quite a while and kept him happy and busy. This is something that he is going to get for Christmas too! Love to see him so happy with everything.

These links were so yummy smelling, just like beef jerky. I was tempted to try them myself. If I thought they smelled yummy he must have though I was crazy giving him "My" food. A definite treat for him.

I really loved these little treats. He would do the million little tricks he know just for one little star. 

This alligator had 3 squeaky balls inside. This was pretty awesome for my dog! I ran and ran and played with the kids with this! He loved it so much! It didn't stay complete long, but even with the alligator torn apart, he still loved it. 

These little liver treats are strange in my opinion, but my dog loves them regardless. Taste is more important than looks.

Choose your dog size and the subscription you want. Get your 1st box for $14.  #Treatadog
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