Monday, October 28, 2013

Birchbox Oct 2013

The Dr. Brandt microdernabrasion skin exfoliant was Ahhhmazing. A little bit goes a long way. If you are like me and want to feel the the product scrubbing your skin then you will love it. 
I have to admit the scent reminded me on lemon scented pledge, but I really enjoyed the feeling. It feels like thousands of mico beads or super fine sand being scrubbed all over your face. If you have very sensitive skin then just be careful not to scrub too hard. Personally I really appreciate that I can feel it exfoliating my face. It did an excellent job and my face felt so incredibly soft after using it. 

 The pop aqua laquer in "Flowering Fuchsia" Initially I was unsure if I would like it since my initial swatch on my hand was unappealing. It has an odd shaped wand. It is a plastic applicator and doesn't go on smoothly. The idea of having a wand in a squeeze tube is excellent, but just with the applicator was different. The texture was surprisingly not sticky since it appeared that it would be very sticky. I was happy with the consistence and the color is just a sheer color. The price is $14. This item alone covers the cost of the box. 

 Chap Stick hydration lock. I have yet to use it, but I love chapstick in general so I am sure will be happy with it. Cost approx $2.99 (this was the extra in the box this month)

Supergoop! City Sunscreen. The product is good, and it does it's job. A full size is $42. I don't think I will purchase a full size since I think there are many other brands that do the same thing for much less. While the full (purse) size has a nifty package and will not explode in your bag, it is not worth $42 when I can get a travel size for nearly nothing at the drug store. 

Lastly is a sample of Atelier Cologne "Orange SanguineColone Absolue. The scent is light, fresh, citrus-like and summery. It is a pleasant scent, but everyone has their own likes and this one is nice, but not a preferred scent. I appreciate trying new scents. It also came with a postcard to use in the future. 

Overall I the cost of Birchbox is $10 per month. The approx value is over $20 and if you are interested in signing up I wouls appreciate signing up with my link HERE
Thank you for checking out my blog, until the next post.