Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Birchbox

Nexxus Youth Renewing Rejuvenating Elixir. 
To apply add a few drops to dampened hair. This is suppose to strengthen hair from the inside out. It helps with breakage from styling and aging hair. 
Full size $20.99

 SKIN & CO Sicilian Body Gel. It has a light refreshing citrus/orange scent. I originally thought it was a body cream. Thankfully I read the packaging. 
Full size 250ml = $17.50
Sample size 40ml = $3.50 approx

 Strivectin-SD Eye Concentrate for wrinkles. Strivectin is a brand I do love. The texture of this is just right. It is not to thick nd not to thin. It stays right where you want it and absorbs well. I have been using it nightly and have high hopes. Can't wait for my 2 weeks are up.
Full size is 1 oz $65
deluxe sample .25 fl oz. approx $16.25

 This is this months EXTRA, 3 samples of WELEDA body lotions. They are in Replenishing, Pampering and Regenerating. They have a nice texture, but I am not a complete fan of their scents. I think they are a bit too herbal like for my taste. 

 This is a 1 year free subscription to Women's Health Magazine value of $9.99. You also have the option of getting a refund for $9.99 if you like. 

YOUNGBLOOD Anti-Shine mattifier is a deluxe sample. The texture is similar to a balm with a grainy texture. It seem strange to apply a balm to my face. Directions say to apply to the T-zone area to mattify the area. Apply before foundation. 
Full size is .25 oz = $36
Sample .05 oz approx $7.20. 

The cost of the Women's Health magazine pretty much covers the cost of this months Birchbox. Everything else is like and extra. 

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Thank you until next time....

Next month we all get a chance to get the Selma Hayek Birchbox at no cost as long as we opt in for it. I certainly did and hopefully I get the box. It is no guarantee, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.