Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review Neutrogena Cosmetics from BzzAgent

These products were sent to me courtesy of and Neutrogena Cosmetics to review and give my honest opinion.
  1. 3 shades of Revitalizing Lip Balm (Sunny berry, Healthy Blush and Petal Glow)
  2. Nourishing Eyeliner (Cosmic Black)
  3. Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector (medium 15)
Revitalizing Lip Balm 

  1. 1st I first tried out was in Sunny Berry. It is a dark berry color.  Good name! 
  2. 2nd was the Petal Glow a very pretty neutral color with shimmer. Just the perfect amount of color in my opinion.
  3. 3rd Health Blush will be given to my sister in law to test out and get her opinion on it. 

They all have SPF20 which is great especially summer is coming and we do not need burnt lips from going to the beach. 

  • Packaging: When you look at it you just want to grab it instantly. It is very attractive and sleek. The black casing and oval shape is very appealing. You just want to SHOW IT OFF. I also like the was the twisting mechanism works. The product goes up and back down into the tube very easily without getting stuck. LOVE this! 
  • Color: Sunny Berry
  • Scent: Yummy and fruity
  • Look of product: Appears very pigmented. The Sunny Berry has a great color payoff and the Petal Glow has a very light shimmer with a hint of pink. Very fresh looking and appears like that just bitten look. 
  • Practical or unpractical: The shape of the balm is not very practical. It is too wide and you have to pay attention with application to get it on the edge of you mouth. Since it is too big pieces of it come off sometimes due to applying your lips are in the center of the balm and the longer sides are left as extra. See video below if you need a visual.
  • Feel: Very soft and smooth. Like silk. Great! 
  • Lasting power: even after eating and drinking my lips are still soft and feel like the balm is still there so I have to say great lasting power! Frequent reapplication not needed.
  • Claim: Instantly moisturizes lips
  • Result: feel very soft and smooth upon application and for hours after
  • Available shades: 6 
  • Cost:  $8.99 for a 0.15oz tube


Nourishing eyeliner

  • Packaging: durable and easy to use. The liner comes in a twist up device. There is a smudger and sharpener on the opposite end of the liner, when you pull off the smudger  the sharpener is revealed. Since it is a twist up liner you really do not need the sharpener unless you want a very fine line. when you try to remove the cap to the smudger the entire piece tends to come off very easily. 
  • Scent: n/a
  • Look of product: Color I received was Cosmic Black
  • Practical or unpractical: Very easy to use and practical easy to twist the liner put and back into the container. The smudger is great but be advised you need to smudge quickly since this liner does stay put. 
  • Feel: Very soft and smooth. Great! 
  • Lasting power: It definitely lasts the whole day. Once you apply it you can be sure it will be there in the same spot you applied it when you get home at the end of the day. 
  • Claim: Glides on smooth and lasts all day.
  • Result: soft and smooth upon application and does last all day
  • Available shades:  4 
  • Cost:  $7.99 for 0.01 oz


Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector 
  • Packaging: Attractive and sturdy. It is a silver container with a peekaboo area so you can see the color of the product thru the container which is great. 
  • Scent: n/a
  • Look of product: Color I received was Medium 15 it looked a bit dark for a highlighter. That was my fault. It was hard to choose by online photos. 
  • Practical or unpractical: Very easy to use and practical easy to twist the product up to the brush with the twist bottom. You do need to pay attention when twisting the product out cause it can come out too fast and have some spillage. It can come out on one side of the brush and you may not notice it if you are not paying attention. I do like the way the product is dispensed. I also like that it has SPF 20. 
  • Feel: Smooth and silky
  • Lasting power: It lasted the whole day under my foundation. 
  • Claim: Instantly brightens, conceals and evens tone. Reduce under eye puffiness
  • Result: Smooth, blends well and does not crease.
  • Available shades: 4 (fair, Buff, light and medium) 
  • Cost:  $13.99

My favorite item was the Nourishing Lip Balms. They are so soft and smooth. It is like silk on your lips. This is definitely the product that makes me the most happy. I have been using it everyday since I opened my BzzAgent Box. I always have it in my pocket at work or in my purse when I am out. 
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Check out my video review below
Thank you for the opportunity to review great products