Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is ExpoTv?

ExpoTv is a site to join and do video reviews on many products. You may get lucky enough to be invited to test a full size product to review that they will send to you to test out for you to give your review. If they do they always send you an email to let you know that there is something available and to answer the questionnaire and if you qualify based on your answers, you will have the option to accept an invite or not in a later email.
 Now remember, think about the name of the site EXPOTV. So all your reviews will be video reviews to qualify. So if you are not afraid of your own image on screen and you want to tell others about products you have tried and liked or disliked, then this might me something you are interested in.  
So based on the questionnaires you do AND the video reviews you do you can earn points. It is really easy to earn points from them. You are awarded 500-2000 points for each product review. You trade those points for gift cards, electronics, baby supplies, food, music instruments, the list is endless.......

Just be sure to follow the guidelines they have for their video reviews for products they send to you. I have reviews 2 products so far and 1 more is in the making. So far it has been a very positive experience. 
Check out my video reviews HERE  and HERE

Check out their site HERE to join and get in on this great program. Hope this helps and GOODLUCK!! oh and by the way if you join please follow the links above all over this blog and then after that check me out on ExpoTV and be a friend.