Saturday, March 17, 2012

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

Truvía® natural sweetener
I have been using Truvía® for a while now. I started using it sometime last year when I was trying to cut down on Sugar to rid myself of some excess belly fat. Yes cause excessive sugar causes belly fat. I tried several sweeteners and Truvía® was the one I liked the most. The texture is just like sugar for those that need that look and feel of sugar. It has zero calories and is a natural sweetener from the Stevia Plant. Oh and it is also Kosher Certified. 
I really love the single packets.  
love the box I received from my Influenster Love VoxBox.
It is perfect to keep in your purse and have for use especially in restaurants. I hope they get in on the Truvía®, so we can use it everywhere. One packet is the same as 2 teaspoon of sugar so it's like 2 for one!!
You can get it a nearly any grocery store or major retailers. It comes in box of 40 - 180 packets per box and even spoonable container which I like for home use to add to my tea. They now have a Truvía® baking blend 1/2 same as 1 cup of sugar!!! What next?! 
you can check out the Truvía® website for great recipes HERE an get more information on what's next and new with Truvía®

Truvía® is getting in to the soda trend now which is awesome. Starting in France. wonder how it tastes?? Cant wait to try it here in the US

Thank you Influenster and Truvía®