Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beauty Box 5 & BirchBox review

This is a review of some items from a couple of beauty boxes that I subscribe too, Beauty Box 5 and Birch Box.
When I received my Beauty Box 5 (BB5) I was undecided since I wasn't sure about the products and how I would like them.

Smith's Rosebud Salve
When I first saw the preview of this item, I thought really a lip balm? I was thinking oh no. I can saw that oh no turned into an “oh yes”! This is not just a lip balm. Yes it is the BEST lip balm I have ever used. A little dab an you lips and it is so good.  Leaves your lips shiny and so soft and moisturized. 
This is a 10 out of 10!!
COST: Full size 0.8oz $7.00 
CONS: None


Soy Nail Polish Remover 100% biodegradable 
Again with this product I kind of felt the same way. A nail polish remover? how wonderful could a nail polish remover be? It's just a polish remover.... NOPE! It definitely is not just that. I was extremely surprised. Derived from farm crops and lemongrass oil. This is fantastic for you organic nature lovers.

The wipe was a bit larger than my hand. IT has an oily consistency. I didn't think it was thick enough initially, but it worked perfectly! A couple of swipes per finger and it was clean, moisturized and not dry. Even after washing your hands you cuticles and nails do not feel brittle. Try this before washing your hands, just rub this all over your hands and they feel the softest you could ever remember. This feels multi purpose after using it. It did not remove glitter polish at all. In general glitter polish is tricky to remove anyway. I usually have to go thru a strange routine to remove glitter. 
Over all the PRITI NYC polish remover is a 9 out of a 10. I gave it a 9 only because of  the glitter thing. I would highly reccommend this to anyone needing a quick and convienient way to remove non-glitter nail polish.
COST: Full size 10 pads $10.00
  1. You must wash your hands after using it due to the oily residue after use.  So be sure not to use it in the car and don't plan on using to phone or anything when removing it or everything you touch with be oily too.
  2. Does not remove glitter polish

WELEDA Day and Night 
moisturizing Cream
The consistency is average, but it has an incredible lasting power. After using the night cream my face in the morning after washing felt really amazing. It still felt like it was working even after the washing. I would have loved to continue to use it, but I am very sensitive to strong smells and this to me has a very strong scent. It reminds me of a salon or spa with an overbearing amount of smell. I think it is a 7 out of 10. Since I couldn't use it more than once due to the smell. I could tell that it is a great product for your skin and it didn't cause and irritation to my face. This is really great for dry skin.
Cost: Full size Day Cream 1.0 fl oz $20.00
         Full Size Night Cream 1.0 fl oz $21.00

  1. Strong smell
  2. can stay oily 

On to an item from February Birch Box

 ColorScience Pro-Pressed mineral foundation
color I have is California Girl. It is for med warm toned skin.
It comes with a plastic coating to the puff side that is perforated and easy to separate and remove without damaging the puff itself. 
I didn't see that this gave any true color to my face. The puff is very soft and feels like puff balls on your face. It was good to mattify my face, but don't see how this would be good for any coverage. You do have to pat it initially to release the powder into the puff. It says it is sheer and that it is. It is a great idea, but do not think it is worth the money. I do wonder if the full size in the compact works better though.
COST: Full size 0.42 oz = $50.00
  1. Expensive
  2. very sheer